DsgnFwd™ Process
fuses Lean startup methods and
integral design


reduce risk

Minimize risk and time to market. Take your portfolio company through product and brand design straight to the market.

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join design accelerator

Get 20,000 € and 3 months in our coworking space. We'll give you the head start. You give us part of your business.

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catch up with real world

Develop product as a startup. Lean, fast, and at low cost. In fast paced world you just cannot develop new products the old way.

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one-stop idea to market shop
We are a one-stop idea to market shop.

We turn concepts, ideas and innovations into products, services and brands.
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conference table in Gigodesign studio
We make great coffee.

For free consulting or comment on your project, innovation or initiative,

send us a brief presentation to kava@gigodesign.com.

 Sitty foldable urban furniture in front of CUK Kino Šiška in Ljubljana
Hot in the Sitty!

Our own product designed for urban areas combines two functions in one.