It’s Birdf(r)eeding Season!

Feeding birds is a lot like decorating a Christmas tree – besides it being “reserved” for winter time, it is an emotionally rewarding experience that is even more fun when doing it in good company - together with friends or family. Observing the tiny little birdies flutter outside the window and swing on tree branches calms the nerves and brings us closer to nature, which, in times of enhanced stress in our everyday lives, is a precious benefit.

As an amateur ornithologist Miha (in his non-spare time a senior designer and partner here at Gigodesign) took on a mission to design a contemporary, minimalist bird feeder that would appeal to all generations of bird- and design lovers alike. And most importantly - to the birds.

The core appeal of Birdfreeder is an inspiring function in a cleverly fitted form: construction elements of a dancing ”mobile” are combined with equilibrated wooden sticks that hold the feeding units.

Once hung and filled with seeds, it forms an exceptional sight. Small birds like Tits, Robins and Nuthatches cause continuous movements of the feeding platforms and provide a positive kick into any ever day routine. Due to its lightness, Birdfreeder is inaccessible to bigger birds and cats that often spoil the fun in a more traditional, treehouse-like bird feeders while preying on a meal of their own.

Birdfreeder comes flat-packed neatly into a cardboard box (which, btw, was awarded Slovene Oscar for Packaging this year) and is ready to be mailed or assembled in just a few simple steps.