Remembering Oscar Niemeyer


The building on place du Colonel-Fabien in the Paris’ 19th arrondissement is without a doubt fascinating on the outside, with the white, space age-like dome in front of it. But the real grandeur starts on the inside – in a large foyer and conference room where communist ideas are still being born and debated on today. We were lucky to have our friend architect Primož Jeza with us to give us some insights.

Besides the above-mentioned dome (which forms the roof of the conference hall), the inside is famous for its furnishings (most of them still original, dating from the late 60’s) and the hall ceiling, dressed in thousands of white metal light-reflective tiles.

The most common associations evoked by the interior are those of James Bond (with Sir Connery in the lead role) although numerous brands also used the iconic interior for their photo shoots or presentations.

Niemeyer who came to France in 1966 seeking exile was a dedicated communist himself and a believer in the idea that architecture and design can and must influence people’s lives and ideas. Among the architect he inspired are great names such as Zaha Hadid, Santiago Calatrava and Tadao Ando.

Photos by Miha Klinar